Command Line Interface

Rem's Studio of cause has a command line interface, so you can automate rendering, or maybe could create a rendering farm.

You can get help by using the argument help/? as a console argument (starting from version 1.1.3).

Most important arguments

input/i: input scene file, JSON format

output/o: output file

Additionally, some default values can be overridden:

project: a JSON project file

fps: rendered fps

shutter: shutter percentage

width/w, height/h: rendered resolution

type: resulting type: VIDEO, AUDIO or IMAGE

start,end/duration: starting and ending time of the rendered video/audio in seconds

samples: audio samples, e.g. 41000 or 48000

force/yes/no: answer automatically in case a file would need to be overriden; yes = force, no = reject all requests

Created: 20:29, 10. May 2021; Most recent change: 09:40, 15. May 2021