Rem's Studio

This video studio is intended for starters in the video industry, or YouTubers, and was inspired by the channel YutsuraidanceStudios. I wanted to be able to make those transitions and motions easily myself.


Name Origin

The name is from Rem, an Anime character, I like; inspired by YDS, too, because they use the Anime/Manga style. If you have issues with that, you can imagine it's named after Rembrandt.

Behind the Scenes

The project is developed with Kotlin, JVM, FFMPEG and OpenGL/OpenAL. It is additionally developed with Java, so it works with both Windows and Linux.

I often read about manual proxy creation... Rem's Studio does it for you!

Created: 10:09, 12. Dec 2020; Most recent change: 14:49, 09. Dec 2023